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PLUS Tower Suite - Solution for Transmission Tower Manufacturers

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  • Does your design department spend a lot of time in BOM data entry and validation?
  • Does procurement and production find optimizing and cutting plan preparation a difficult and time consuming task?
  • Do you still end up with material shortage, and subsequent re-planning?
  • Does production have to do reenter data to program the CNC machines?
  • Is the production area cluttered with stacked up WIP (work in progress)?

Imagine the result of saving raw material by around 1% on your bottom line. 

If you further want to compress the design-to-manufacture cycle time while still reducing the material waste and manpower requirements

PLUS Tower Suite

Transmission Tower Manufacturers

PLUS AIDE - ACAD In-house Design Extension

Transmission Tower Manufacturers

Transmission Tower Manufacturers

Solutions to the problems:
PLUS TOWEROPT - Tower Optimization for Angles and Plates : The optimization of stock used for the manufacture of the angles (1D) and the plates (2D) is done by the PLUS TowerOpt optimization engine. This can be done at both the planning and production stage.
  • Optimization for Angles with maximum three open pallets
  • Optimization for Plates with first X-Cut
  • Provision for PR generation when required
  • Stock Concepts : Project stock, Free stock, Standard stocks and User stocks
  • Quick and accurate material estimation
  • Maximizes yield by selecting best stocks
  • Material wise trim considered
  • Weight calculation for Stock and Parts
  • Interfaces with ERP
  • Return on Investment.

PLUS TOWEROPT - Tower Optimization for Angles and Plates

PLUS AIDE - ACAD In-house Design Extension : Unobtrusive App to capture data for BOM / Routing while one annotates in the structural drawing of tower in AutoCAD/BricsCAD environment. Aide provides different custom entities to annotate Angle, Plate and Bolt Items which are same as in AutoCAD/BricsCAD entities.
  • Structural drawing annotation for Holes, Notches, Bends, et
  • Captures BOM and process information for angles and plates
  • Validates User input
  • Exports BOM and Routing data to PLUS ADEPT.
  • Integrates with AutoCAD/BricsCAD.
  • No learning curve, works same as AutoCAD/BricsCAD Software.

PLUS AIDE - ACAD In-house Design Extension

PLUS ADEPT - Automation in Design, Engineering and Production of Towers : Application to enter BOM & Routing information from PDF drawings, third party CAD drawings, blueprints and to generate Shop Drawings, NC, DXF for WinSteel, DSTV for angles.

PLUS ADEPT - Automation in Design, Engineering and Production of Towers

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