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A powerful tool to significantly reduce Design-to-Production cycle time. This enables automation of repetitive work like generation of Shop Drawing and NC for angles and plates, minimizes errors while getting information for BOM.

  • Single-click generation of shop drawing in your format with complete detailing.

  • CNC generation for angles and plates.

  • Process route generation based on parameters to assist production planning.

  • Accurate estimate of process time requirements..

  • Single-click generation of BOM & upload to ERP.

  • Flexibility to work in mm or fractional inches.

  • Facility to add and edit BOM items. Also captures bought out items like washers, bolts etc.

  • Material weight and zinc weight calculations

With PLUS ADEPT you can calculate material weight and zinc weight in no time

Generate BOM with a Click of Button using PLUS AIDE and PLUS ADEPT app

  • Shop Drawings for Production and DXF for Winsteel

PLUS ADEPT brings you the ease of making shop drawings on A4 paper size and DXF for Winsteel in One Click saving time and avoiding errors. Shop drawings contain details needed for Production people and Winsteel DXF contain details for Winsteel software needed to make NC for Ficep machine.

Click on Picture for larger image

Winsteel Drawing
DXF drawing for Winsteel

Shop Drawing without Bend
Shop Drawing

Shop Drawing with Bend
Shop Drawing

  • NC files for machines

PLUS ADEPT makes NC files which can be directly transfered to machine some of them are shown in the picture.

Vernet NC
NC file for Vernet

Fanuc NC
NC file for Fanuc

  • Multiple ways to Import Data which saves time and avoids error

Main aim of importing data is to avoid errors when huge amount of data is concerned. With PLUS ADEPT you can import BOM and process data from PLUS AIDE file or CSV file made from BOCAD. Also you can manualy enter BOM with simplified data entry and validate the entries to reduce errors.

CSV file from BOCAD
CSV file containing BOM data from BOCAD

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