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  • Generate accurate CAD drawings of shapes using templates.
PLUS Replicam : Degitizing Software - Template PLUS Replicam : DigitizingSoftware - Traced Layout
Photograph of Template CAD output of PLUS - Replicam

PLUS Replicam  is a digitizing software that helps you generate accurate drawings of complicated shapes, quickly from digital images. It is an essential tool to generate accurate CAD drawings for CNC cutting from digital images. Start with a photograph of your template, calibrate the image in PLUS Replicam, trace the outline of the shape automatically or manually and save it as a DXF file. 

PLUS Replicam can take you from the Templates to Cutting table in Minutes. It integrates in your workflow, as you can use the DXF output for further activities like order entry, production planning and optimization and gain a competitive edge.

  • Position the holes and cutouts accurately.
PLUS Replicam : DigitizingSoftware - Template with hole PLUS Replicam : DigitizingSoftware - Traced template with hole
Template Containing holes etc. CAD output file of PLUS Replicam

PLUS Replicam generates CAD drawing files (dxf files) with exact dimensions. However complicated the shape of template is,  Replicam traces it perfectly. Also you can manually edit for any change in the shape. If there are some holes, or cutout present within the template then they are also accurately traced by Replicam. You need not worry about the dimensions or its position.

  • Templates need not be stored, take a proper digital photograph and archive it.

PLUS Replicam helping you to avoid in keeping template for later user , or taking care of it. Reason is that once you create the CAD drawing (DXF) from the digital image of the template as per procedure,  archive that drawing with detail information. Whenever you need that template to use for cutting, use the drawing files. In this way PLUS Replicam reduces logistical problems of handling and storing odd sized template.

  • Use the DXF output for further processing (as per workflow)

Basically templates from customers are used to cut same type of glass shape. If this no of quantity to be cut is in large no then use of template again and again decreases the accuracy also . Instead of this Using PLUS Replicam if you create dxf file then you can use that in nesting software or to provide in glass CNC machine.

  • Trace the shape outline automatically or manually with editing tools

PLUS Replicam provides facility of tracing of shape manually. In many cases user need to edit templates drawing. You can use the Replicam as drawing package and edit or trace the template shape. 

  • Get a contour suitable for CNC cutting, also add CNC attributes like cutting speed, pressure etc

PLUS Replicam : Digitizing Software - Template PLUS Replicam : Digitizing Software - Creates smooth contour for CNC cutting

Photograph of Template

CAD output of PLUS - Replicam

PLUS Replicam always traces the template shape in such way that number of segments are minimized as much as possible and from that it creates the dxf file which is best suitable for CNC machine as a output.

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