Order Processing and Inventory Management Software for Metal - PLUS Manager

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Order Processing and Inventory Management Software for Metal - PLUS Manager

PLUS Manager : A order Processing and Inventory Management Software for sheet Metal.

  • Get Material and Cost estimate, prepare the Quote / Proforma Invoice

PLUS Manager helps the user to generate quote / proforma invoices from the Request For Quote sent by the customer.  It estimates the material requirement and gives the Material cost.  It also gives the Total Cost by adding the Process costs and the profit margin.

PLUS Manger - Prepare Quote
  • Manage all your inventory items - MS/SS Sheets & other items. 

PLUS Manager has inventory management module that will help maintain inventory.  This can be done for both Sheet and non-sheet items like accessories, consumables, etc.  The latest balance available for any material will be available on-line as well as a Material Balance statetment which can be printed.  Also available, will be the free stock, the stock marked for production and the stock which has been ordered

PLUS Manger - Prepare Invoice
  • Get the optimized sheet/coil requirement.

PLUS Manager integrates with PLUS 2D and PLUS 1D seamlessly.  It starts a PLUS 2D job, transfers the required data to PLUS 2D,  and after optimization in PLUS 2D and exporting the optimized data, again imports the required information to provide the optimized quantity of various material required, be they two-dimensional or one-dimensional.

PLUS Manger - Prepare Proforma
  • Accepts CAD drawings for input.

PLUS Manager has a facility to import CAD files (DXF Drawings subject to certain conditions).  These are then taken as parts for processing.

  • Will the software prepare my invoices?


  • Interface the software to billing / management software like Tally.

PLUS Manager has provision to export data as a CSV or a Text file as per the format specified in the Output File Interface format documents (TODO: Provide a link).

  • Contact Management - be in touch with your customer.

Make use of the CRM module, which is meant for this purpose.  This allows you to select a set of customers based on some criteria and allow information to be passed on to them in form of standard letters or formats.

  • Organizer to schedule meetings and track activity.  

PLUS Manager has an Organizer that helps your sales person to schedule meetings and also to record all information pertaining to the meeting.  Tasks can be assigned to sales persons and also can be transferred from one to another.

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