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  • Select the edge band required - Get the rough-sizes and total edge band requirement.

People in woodworking always facing problem at the time of adding parts with edge banding  and doing calculation of that while nesting them. PLUS 2D helps you to avoid all this problem. In  PLUS 2D there is a option called Edge Banding using which you can specify the banding for each part. In this you can specify same banding for all edges or different for each edge. For more detail  Click here!!

Panel Optimization Software - PLUS 2D Wood : Define Edge Banding

  • Grain Matching / Part Rotation - controlled by the User

 In PLUS 2D the user decides whether to allow matching  the grain direction.   For that there is a option 'Rotation'. This specifies whether rotation of part is allowed or not. Generally part is rotated 90 degree if rotation is allowed.  If the part is allowed to be rotated, grain direction cannot be matched.

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