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  • Customize your output, download a sample. For Test cases Click here!! 

During optimization of the parts there are different thing which you need in output. PLUS 2D provides facility of customizing output report. There are some options given below which are coming in output. The option which you want can select by marking on check box in front it. Also if you want to change the order you can move the row using up and down button.

See the Report Setting Dialog to customize the output.


Nesting and Optimization Software - PLUS 2D : Output Report Customization

  • Recycle offcuts. 

Offcut - a reusable parts that remains from an earlier job. In PLUS 2D during the nesting if you are using offcut as stock then what it will do is, it tries to use the offcut first in such a way that its utilization will be good.  Only then it will pick the prime stock.

  • Need to track and use offcuts.  

PLUS 2D has an option ' Allow Offcut', where you can specify the minimum area of the Offcut. If during optimization in any optimized layout contains unutilised area having size equal or more than that, then it is considered as a offcut and it is tracked by PLUS 2D. Here min offcut size specified is 500*300 and See the offcut tracked in the layout. Here offcut size is 988 * 911.

Nesting and Optimization Software - PLUS 2D : Define Offcut Size

Nesting and Optimization Software - PLUS 2D : Tracking of Offcut

Tracking of Offcut

  • Re-nest option : reject some layouts, and nest the remaining problem.

Re-nest - is a special option provided in PLUS 2D. For a particular job after nesting if you don't like the some layouts (more than one ) or you feel there is a better alternative, then you can reject such layouts and Re-Nest that. For details Click Here!!

  • PLUS LABEL Maker - Design and print your own Bar Coded labels - tracking problems resolved.

If each part has a label to identify the customer to which is made, its dimensions, etc. tracking problems are resolved. You can add an option to PLUS 2D - link it with PLUS Label Maker software. This will allow you to make Bar Coded Labels at a click of a button. You can print labels using an ordinary Inkjet, Laser or even Thermal Printer. PLUS Label Maker will print to nearly all PC compatible printers on any type of paper
PLUS Label Maker can generate labels for parts and offcuts. These can be printed for the optimized layouts and for quantity. The user can design his/her own label.  The features of the software is given below.

  • Features of PLUS Label Maker

  •  Design labels as per your requirements or choose from installed templates.

  •  Edit both size and content.

  •  Use low cost off the shelf labels. 

  • Select the criteria, say either for layouts or for parts, for making the labels. You can print empty labels with no data. 

  • Add part pictures or layout pictures on every label. 

  • Unique Bar Code values generated as per the formula specified by you. 

  • The label templates are made so that you get all the information required but without label looking too complicated. 

  • You can preview the labels generated and print them on any ordinary printers.

Bar Code Label Module : PLUS Label Maker - Optional Add on Module in PLUS 2D

PLUS Label Maker

  • Has links to the many saws - find yours here.

PLUS 2D export the layout drawings as DXF with information on different layers which you can import into your cutting table link software. We also write out the data in standard formats. To know whether your CNC controller is supported or not Click Here!!  Also if you have any table and to use PLUS 2d along with that please contact with for customization.

Link From PLUS 2D to
PLUS 2D : Nesting and Optimization Software. - Link to Glass Cutting Tables PLUS 2D : Nesting and Optimization Software. - Link to Metal Cutting Machines PLUS 2D : Nesting and Optimization Software. - Link to Wood Saws and Router
Glass CNC Machine Sheet Metal Machine Woodworking Panel Saw
  • We customize, provide OEM solutions

PLUS 2D supports links to many CNC cutting machine. To check the list of available  Click Here!! If machine you are using is not available in our list you can contact us with machine detail. We will customize PLUS 2D to interface its output with you machine.  We can also offer PLUS 2D as an OEM solution with your saw or cutting table or shearing machine. Please get in touch with us.

  • Pattern amendment allows you to use the place your own parts.

PLUS 2D : Nesting Software - Editing of Layout  using  Pattern Amendment

Pattern amendment allows you to edit the nested layout. In some case it happens that there is a big offcut generated in a layout where you want to add another part or some part you want to replace by another parts. This optional add on module in PLUS 2D helps you to edit the desired nested layout.

  • Integrates with PLUS BOMGen if you require estimation for other non-wood items.

BOMGen - a bill material software is integrated with PLUS 2D.  For more details Click Here!!

  • How to reduce wastage during cutting of panels?

When you have more no of part quantity and want to cut that parts from stock so that wastage will be reduce. If you are trying this manually you will face no of problem, need to lots of calculation, wastage of time, insecurity of  perfection. To avoid all this simply switch to PLUS 2D, simple understand, take less time to use and give better output. Using  PLUS 2D you can save material and time.

  • Can I see a 3d model?

PLUS 2D support only 2 dimensional  parts. It only do the nesting of two dimensional parts like nesting from panels, boards, sheet, coils and etc.. so you are not able to see the 3D model.

  • Pallet optimization option

When you are cutting the stocks/boards into required sizes, you have to use number of pallets to place different cut sizes in different pallet. Because of this you will have number of open pallets, that can waste lots of place, time in keeping the parts on pallets and energy of the workers doing so. Hence overall it decreases the efficiency of the process, which may further lead to delays in delivery.
        To avoid this, PLUS 2D has a special optional add - on module called as Pallet Optimization. On pallet optimization, PLUS 2D tries to reduce the number of open racks to minimal required at any point of time, saving space, time and energy thus increasing the efficiency of workers. For details Click Here!!

  • User definable columns for documentation   

In PLUS 2D  you can specify fine define your own column to add information you required for the documentation purpose, Also you can give name to this column so that its easy to recognize. Most beneficial thing is that if you required to add some data in bar coded labels at time also this column are very useful.

  • I use hydraulic shears and press brakes. Will the software be useful?

  • I have to nest some parts but having shear machine is there any easy solution which will solve my problem?

// To Do // Suggest 2dLight

  • Interface with ERP software.

PLUS 2D can be interfaced with many ERP systems like SAP, Ramco, BAAN, etc. Among the services we provide, is the customization to interface with ERP systems.

  • How the output file helpful for manual cutting?

PLUS 2D give very detail and meaning full output file report using which any person can do the manual cutting and keep the part cut details with it.

For more details Click Here!!

PLUS 2D : Nesting Software - Part Detail of Optimized Layout

PLUS 2D : Nesting Software - Optimizes Layout of Glass Parts

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