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  • During cutting of parts at the edge  or between two parts if small strip remain it creates problem to break the glass. Is there any solution.

Surely PLUS 2D having solution for you. In PLUS 2D have an option 'Minimum Breakout Distance' This distance consider while optimization of required parts.

E.g.. Suppose you specify minimum breakout distance as 25 mm then PLUS 2D always consider this distance so that you will not face problem while breaking the parts.

Glass Optimization Software : PLUS 2D : Minimum Breakout Distance

  • Racking option to help in assembling of Insulated Glass units

Racking in PLUS 2D is an optional add on module.  It helps to organize your nested parts after optimization.

Glass Optimization Software : PLUS 2D : Racking Module

  • I define products with varying dimensions

In PLUS 2D - Glass there is a option - Parametric Part library where you can define some parametric product. These products are defined in terms of parametric values, like say 'l' Length, 'w ' width, etc., which can be provided at the time of job optimization.

Glass Optimization Software : PLUS 2D : Specifying DGU

  • Can we select the edge grinding required - will it calculate rough-sizes.

People in glass always facing problem at the time of adding parts with edge grinding and doing calculation of that while nesting them. PLUS 2D helps you to avoid all this problem. In  PLUS 2D there is a option called Edge Banding, using which you can specify the grinding margin  for each part. In this you can specify same banding for all edges or different for each edge. For more detail  Click here!!

Fig :- See the next dialog. From this you can understand the how you can apply grinding margin in PLUS 2D.


Glass Optimization Software : PLUS 2D : Specifying Grinding Margins

Grinding of Parts in Glass