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  • Design labels as per your requirements

PLUS Label Maker allows you to design your own labels using the template editor.  This allows you to decide both content and layout.  Optionally, you can select one of the built-in templates and modify it to suit your requirement.

No. Field Description
1 Label No Shows Label number.
2 Layout No Shows the layout no.
3 Sheet No Shows the current sheet no. for the perticular no.
4 Total Sheet Show the total no of  sheets.
5 Qty Produced Show the part no.
6 Total Part Qty Show total no of qty for perticular part.
7 Customer Show the name of the customer.
8 Part Information Shows the information of the part like, Size etc.
9 Picture of the part Shows the picture of the part.
10 Bar code value Bar code value of the part.
11 Process in Part Show the process for the part.
12 Company Name Shows name of the company.
13 Logo Show the logo of company or etc.
PLUS Label Maker : Choises to select fields for Label
  • Choose from installed templates.

PLUS Label Maker has some built-in templates which can be used directly.  They can be used to print the labels for the parts or for the layouts.  The label templates are made so that you get all the information required but without label looking too complicated.  You can preview the labels generated and print them on any ordinary printer.

PLUS Label Maker - Bar Code Label Printing : Add On Module

  • Directly interfaces with PLUS 2D / PLUS 1D

PLUS Label Maker directly interfaces with both PLUS 1D and PLUS 2D software, to print labels as per the layouts.  It can seamlessly generate the required bar coded labels for the parts specified in PLUS 1D and PLUS 2D software.  You can either print the part labels or the layout labels.

  • Use low cost off the shelf labels.

You do can print these labels using ordinary off the shelf labels available in the market.  The size of the label has to be entered correctly.  They can also be printed on ordinary plain paper.

  • The Bar code standards

The Bar code is made using the Code39 standard which is one of the most popular format used for inventory and tracking. Choose from over 15 different formats.

  • Unique Bar Code values generated.

Unique Bar code values can be generated as per the formula specified by you.

  • Bar Codes on labels

You can print the Bar Codes on the labels.  The template editor will allow you to select an area for the Bar code and also link to the source of the Bar Code.

  • Pictures on labels

You can print an image that may correspond to the shape of the part or any other image that can be related to it.  This helps in easy identification of the part.  The template editor will allow you to select an area for the image and also link to the source of the image.

  • Print part position on the layout 

Print the position of the part on the layout so that its easy to find the part after cutting to stick labels on it.

  • User defined criteria to print labels

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