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  • Get Material and Cost estimate, prepare the Quote / Proforma Invoice

PLUS Glass Manager helps the user to generate quote / proforma invoices from the Request For Quote sent by the customer.  It estimates the material requirement - both Glass and Non-glass and gives the Material cost.  It also gives the Total Cost by adding the Process costs and the profit margin.

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Order Processing and Inventory Management Software - PLUS Glass Manager

PLUS Glass Manager - Order Processing and Inventory Management Software

  • Supports multiple-price lists. 

PLUS Glass Manager has the ability to maintain multiple price lists, depending on the level  of the software that has been purchased.  The lowest level has 2 while the highest one will have 6 lists.

  • Modify the quote with a few changes in parameters. 

The quote can be changed by changing a few parameters like discount percentage, applicable rate for a material, etc.  The user will be able to see the results of the changes made immediately, allowing a what-if scenario to be done.  The best result can be finalized and saved.

  • Click a button - Convert a quote to an order. 

The quote can be easily converted to an order by the click of the button.  The option also allows you to modify the quantity of the items of the order at this time.

  • Analyze unconverted quotes

PLUS Glass Manager provides a report that throws up all Quotes that have not been converted to Order.  Once an order has been lost, the user will have to input the reason for the loss for which certain general heads are provided.  The report will classify the quotes on the basis of the reason for loss.

  • Integrates GM with P2D - enter data once. 

PLUS Glass Manager integrates with PLUS 2D Nesting and Optimization software seamlessly allowing easy exchange of data between the two.  The necessary inventory data and the parts is passed on to PLUS 2D, which optimizes the job and in return passes on the stock used, parts cut and the offcuts generated data back to PLUS Glass Manager.  This is then used to update its inventory and also use it to estimate the optimized Glass requirements for a project.

  • Manage all your inventory items - Glass and non-glass. 

PLUS Glass Manager has an inventory management module that will help maintain inventory.  This can be done for both Glass and non-glass items like accessories, consumables, etc.  The latest balance available for any material will be available on-line as well as a Material Balance statement which can be printed.  Also available, will be the free stock, the stock marked for production and the stock which has been ordered.

  • Order Status available

The status of any order is available - whether it is scheduled for production, under production, under packing etc. Note that the data has to be updated regularly for this option to provide meaningful information.

  • Interface provided for part data to be output. 

PLUS Glass Manager comes with an option - to be able to output the data from the software in a CSV format to interface with other software.  There are interface formats for many such data modules.  For example, this software integrates with PLUS 2D Nesting and Optimization software and the data is transferred between the two seamlessly.  The data for the parts that are required is transferred to PLUS 2D, which after optimization transfers the parts that have been cut .

  • Contact Management - be in touch with your customer.

Make use of the CRM module, which is meant for this purpose.  This allows you to select a set of customers based on some criteria and allow information to be passed on to them in form of standard letters or formats.

  • Organizer to schedule meetings and track activity.  

PLUS Glass Manager has an Organizer that helps your sales person to schedule meetings and also to record all information pertaining to the meeting.  Tasks can be assigned to sales persons and also can be transferred from one to another.

  • Analyze production, sales and breakage.

PLUS Glass Manager has exhaustive reporting facility.  Among the reports will be the Daily Production report, Periodic Production reports and Breakage Reports.  Similarly, Sales reports on various parameters like Area wise, Salesman-wise, chronological, Material wise etc are available for analysis.

  • Combine several orders to make a Factory/Production order. 

PLUS Glass Manager has the ability to allow the user to select multiple orders to make a Factory or Production Order.  This helps in better management of resources and also in material saving.

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