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Support for multiple components within same job.

You can develop the blanks for multiple parts within a job.  For each component, enter the finished dimensions and the data for bends.

PLUS Bend - Calculate Bend Allowance

Transfer developed blanks to PLUS 2D on click of a button for nesting.

PLUS Bend has the ability to send data to PLUS 2D for nesting and optimization.  After PLUS Bend has developed the blanks for various parts, click of a button is sufficient to send all the data to PLUS 2D for optimization.

Simple Wizard like Simple User Interface.

PLUS Bend has an intuitive wizard like interface, which can get you started in very quick time.  

Support for Metric and English units (mm or Inches).

PLUS Bend has units flexibility. You can work with English or Metric unit. Even if  you have entered data in one unit and want to switch another unit, simply select the desired unit to get data converted.

Calculate K-factor using K-factor wizard.

  • PLUS Bend also allows you to calculate the K-factor of a new material by using the K-factor wizard tool.

  • The following data - flat length, thickness, bend angle, bend radius, length X, length Y of the bent component is required to calculate the K-Factor.  Once this is fed into the K-Factor wizard, on clicking the Calculate button, the K factor is calculated and displayed.

Detailed RTF output in a simple and concise form.

The PLUS Bend gives the detailed report which is very useful and easy to understand.

Scrolling and zooming support in tables.

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Feeding of calculated k factors for new material in the k factor table.

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